February 28, 2023

4 min read

Level up your real estate lead estate lead generation with Parcl Labs API powered automated iOS iMessages

Lead generation is a fundamental problem across the real estate industry. Whether you're a real estate agent, mortgage lender, insurer, home service provider, or moving company, being able to predict opportunities to intervene throughout the homeowner's journey is a critical driver of success.

Parcl Labs' data products can power lead generation applications that differentiate users in today's volatile and competitive real estate market:

  • Custom dataset solutions that provide training data, including real-time residential real estate, mortgage, and homeowner data, for advanced machine learning models focused on vertical-specific lead generation.
  • API integrations for marketing automation and CRM use cases, including automated texts, emails, and blog creation that use Parcl Labs' unique real-time, hyperlocal, and context-driven real estate insights.

Below, we focus on how you can use our API today to level up your approach to homeowner lead generation. In just a few clicks, you can call our data API and include tailored, differentiated marketing statistics in your communication with clients. This process can be completely automated, leaving you more time to go out and win your most important deals.

Here are a few examples of how real estate professionals are using our API to power efficient and effective marketing campaigns:

1. Realtor Lead Generation

"I want to text clients within my portfolio about real estate updates within their neighborhood to keep them engaged, stay top of mind, and help guide them when it may be the right moment to sell their home."

2. Alternative Finance Provider Lead Generation

“I want to text all homeowners in Tallahassee, Florida who have single-family homes in neighborhoods with a median income of at least $63,123, who have appreciated in equity by at least 30%, are above water on their mortgage by at least 50%, and are 6 months away from having lived in their residence long enough to surpass the average turnover period for their street. I want to text them about an alternative offering to moving. This can be cash or refinancing options, an option where I purchase their home and rent it back to them, or an option where they sell their home to me, or I manage their home as a rental.”

3. Home Contractor Lead Generation

“I want to email all home owners in Phoenix Arizona who own a pool when there is a weather event of substantial magnitude to justify a professional cleaning of their unit.”

These use cases require daily data and analytics designed in a hyper-scalable fashion to run experiments rapidly, optimize, and scale. Our Parcl Labs API accelerates time-to-value across these efforts. These endpoints are designed to integrate directly into your automation systems. Engineering resources are scarce, and we believe you should be able to test fast, build fast, and move towards a results-driven system of automation. Below, we outline a step-by-step guide and an easy-to-use, non-technical template that you can use with your built-in iOS Shortcuts app.

Enough talk, let’s build an automated messaging service from the comfort of your own phone.

Build an Automated Housing Market  Messaging Service in 6 Steps Today

Step 1: Register for the Parcl Labs API

Register for the Parcl Labs API. Easy win.

Step 2: Download the attached iOS shortcuts template

Download the premade iOS shortcuts template here.

Step 3: Select your market:

In the first step of the shortcut, you can change the market to any of the following:

Replace the numbers in bold with the numbers for the market you want:


For instance, if you wanted to monitor Charlotte market, the link would look like this:


Step 4: Insert your API Key

Insert your API key received from step 1 into the following box titled Value:

Step 5: Select the contacts you want to send updates to

From here, you can email folks, text them, or do a number of different actions. We will use Send Message for this step and drag it to the bottom of all activities in the shortcut

Where it says Recipients add in contacts that you want to send a group message to, or add as many send messages as you want to individually tailor it to folks.

Step 6: Automate

The Parcl Labs API updates daily, however you can fine tune your automation as much as you like. You can schedule your real time market update to run weekly, daily, or on select days throughout the week.

Finally, in select the Parcl Labs SMS Service shortcut and mission complete. Sit back, grab a coffee, and relax as the Parcl Labs API helps you do more while keeping your clients abreast of the changing market conditions.

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