Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Parcl Labs
What’s Parcl Labs?

Parcl Labs is setting the global standard for residential real estate data. We leverage the latest in Big Data and AI/ML technology to make real estate data move at the speed of today and be actionable to anyone with a stake in the housing market. We specialize in analytics and research that provide real-time signals on housing market pricing, supply, and demand.

What does Parcl Labs offer?

We focus on residential real estate data, which includes real-time sales, listings, and rental information.

What is a Parcl Price Feed?

The Parcl Labs Price Feed (PLPF) is the only presently available daily estimate of price per square foot of residential real estate across multiple markets at varying geographies (States, Metros, Cities, etc.) that looks at all available transactions in a systematic and standardized way.

The PLPF allows users to understand real-time price fluctuations of their markets with minimal lag and with an indicator (median ppsft) that is easy to understand and that can be used to compare more representatively with other markets.

Read more in our Parcl Labs Price Feed whitepaper.

Why is it different than the Case Shiller?

The Parcl Labs Price Feed and the Case-Shiller Index are both tools for understanding real estate pricing trends, but they differ in several key aspects:

  1. Timeliness: The Case-Shiller Index is a lagged indicator with a 2+ month delay, which means it may not accurately reflect the most recent market conditions. In contrast, the Parcl Labs Price Feed refreshes daily, giving you the most up-to-date insights into the residential real estate market.
  2. Market Coverage: The Case-Shiller Index only represents a portion of the true market as it excludes new construction, substantially renovated houses, condominiums, co-ops, and possibly townhomes. It is also only available for 20 US markets at the very broad MSA level. Parcl Labs Price Feed, on the other hand, offers full market coverage, including all property types at varying geographies (States, Metros, Cities, etc.), for a more comprehensive view of the real estate landscape.
  3. Methodology: The Case-Shiller Index is methodologically opaque, using a three-month moving average that can be difficult to replicate, even with identical data. The Parcl Labs Price Feed employs a transparent methodology, making it more reliable and easier to understand.
  4. Data Sources: The Case-Shiller Index relies heavily on county records, which can take months to record sales, leading to discrepancies in the data due to varying latencies across over 3,000 counties in the United States. Parcl Labs Price Feed sources its data from a diverse range of sources, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

In summary, the Parcl Labs Price Feed offers more timely, comprehensive, and transparent information compared to the Case-Shiller Index, making it a valuable tool for those seeking accurate insights into the residential real estate market.

How can I access Parcl Labs data?

We currently offer 2 ways to access our data:

  1. API: Our API allows you to seamlessly integrate our real estate data and insights into your existing applications, tools, and platforms, providing real-time access to the information you need. Learn more here.
  2. Single Family Rental (SFR) Analytics Platform: Parcl Labs' SFR Analytics Platform is a analytical interface purpose-built for SFR investment and operations applications. It empowers users to analyze real-time SFR market trends and operator performance. Learn more by scheduling a demo here.

What makes Parcl Labs superior to other real estate data solutions?
  • Real-Time: Parcl Labs' data is refreshed daily.
  • Full Lifecycle of the Home: Parcl Labs captures ALL housing events across the build, buy, list, rent, and sell cycle of a home.
  • Institution Tracking: Parcl Labs maps individual LLCs to their true corporate owners, enabling you to understand how public and private institutions are involved, influencing, and performing in the housing market.
  • National Coverage: Parcl Labs offers comprehensive U.S. coverage, including non-disclosure states such as Texas. Our roadmap is global, and we also provide data for the UK and France.
  • Granular: Parcl Labs indexes housing events at the unit level. This means for any property in the U.S., you can see up-to-date details on its owner, physical condition, and financial characteristics.
  • Built for Tech-Forward Teams: Parcl Labs was founded by data experts with experience at the world's leading tech companies. We built our data ecosystem from the ground up to ensure it is optimized for modern applications and data science.
What markets does Parcl Labs cover?

Parcl Labs offers US nationwide data coverage at any level of geography. We also offer data on the UK and France. Our roadmap is global, and we are continuously scouting new markets to integrate within our real estate data ecosystem.

How does Parcl Labs source data?

Parcl Labs collects data from over 5,000 different sources, including government and real-time information sources. No single source offers complete coverage or accuracy — we process and combine these datasets to generate an up-to-date, single source of truth for every property in the markets we cover.