Access live real estate data

Real estate is more volatile than ever. You need insights that tell you what’s happening in your market right now, not last month. Parcl Labs empowers real time, data-driven decisions through seamless connections to real-time real estate and location data feeds.

Simplified real estate data.

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Real time data, really

Market context changes every second. Why rely on datasets that update a few times a year? We ingest millions of datapoints every single day to give you the most up to date intel on what is happening in your market.

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Comprehensive coverage

Whether you operate within a block, neighborhood, city, state, region, or country, we have you covered.

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Quality you can trust

Traditional real estate datasets are plagued with inconsistent formatting and data entry errors. We use cutting edge data science techniques to clean, standardize, and ensure  accuracy of our data sources. You spend less time spot checking data and more time on your analysis.

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Instant relevant insights

Data and insights, how you want it. Our simple-to-use API allows you to quickly integrate our data based on your individual use case. Or, accelerate your time to insight even faster with our intuitive data dashboard.

Start tracking real estate data in real time.