Unlock the power of instant real estate insights

Real estate is more volatile than ever. You need actionable intel that tells you what’s happening in your market right now, not last month.
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Built for you to win the market

Timely. Hyperlocal. Empowering you to make better decisions
with our fully integrated data platform.

Track price movements in real time.

Why rely on datasets that only update a few times a year? We ingest millions of datapoints every day to give a live pulse on what is happening in your market.
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Gain insights into hyperlocal markets.

Real estate is local. We provide data at every level of geography. Whether your market is a single block or spans multiple countries, we have you covered.

Understand the trends impacting your business.

Parcl Labs data platform integrates traditionally fragmented data sources in one place. Access any information about a location — its people, places, housing, current events, and more — in a few clicks. Empower deeper and more actionable analyses that goes far beyond surface level statistics.
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