Welcome to the Lab

May 8, 2024
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Welcome to the Lab

Housing Data Was Broken

Housing data was broken. It was fragmented, inaccessible, and lacked much needed transparency. No one had all the information. Sales, listing, and rental data lived in completely different siloes. It was cryptic and difficult to use, and not keeping pace with advances in machine learning and analysis.

The sales process for getting data was slow and expensive. You spent weeks on calls with customer service reps and thousands of dollars before you got access to a single file. These barriers have shut the door on countless innovative teams looking to improve housing during a time of market volatility and industry disruption, where new ideas and tech-based approaches are sorely needed.

There Should Be a Better Way: Building It from the Ground Up

Over the past three years, we've developed a cutting-edge data stack, built to ingest, transform, and prepare housing data for analytics. We've also partnered closely with top teams across real estate to understand the datapoints that matter most to them. After more than a thousand conversations, we are bringing that insight straight to you through our new API.

With our API, you get access to any market in the country, whether it's a zip code, county, city, or metro area (+70k unique markets supported). Data includes all housing events across the property lifecycle — sales, listings, and rentals. You’ll find foundational data points like price and supply, as well as advanced metrics like investor market share. All through a fast, easy-to-use, high-performance API.

Want access? You don't need to talk to us, you can start using it for free today. Need more data? $99. Simple and transparent pricing.

We Open-Sourced Our Analysis to Help You Build

We aren’t the gatekeepers of how to understand and analyze data. We've open-sourced all of our content, some of which you may have seen on X. This content has captivated media outlets across the country and has been used by the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fortune, ResiClub, Business Insider, Moody’s Analytics, and many more. We hope you'll build on it to enrich the world's understanding of housing.

The Doors Are Now Open to Our Housing Data Lab

The doors are now open to the Lab 🧪🥼. We’re just getting started and we look forward to building with you.

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